Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You are too busy
For scenes in which you are not the star.

The scene,
the way of every one before,
set up, pent up, written as a score.
Do you forget your lines,
or is the awkward pause
A dulling of your sentiment,
and apathy
your cause

I do not-
let this continue...
slaughter of my main character,
my hero/heroine

Your acting is too real.

You hold your glass with the ease of a lush
dangling from your hand.
Let the liquid spill,
as if to say,
"there is more,
there is always more".

you carry yourself light,
small movements
feather-wisp and plush.
You scan the room balanced on the tips of fingers
You catch an eye, a smile, a darkness lingers;
and off you go.

You grabbed the brass ring-
held it high.

Despite knowing that within the blink
Out will pull the anchor,
unplug the patched up holes,
and, without a fight, you sink.

Read your lines, memorize
Remember the scene
the smoke-filled screen
the mirrors reflect the story
of the plot
of the script
behind your eyes.

You poor,
poor thing
I cannot imagine
The utter devastation
of playing this character every day.

It seems
that the reviews are good.