Friday, February 13, 2009

The Neverending Saga of Wifebeaters and Wayward Women

I don't really give a fuck about Chris Brown, or Rihanna for that matter. I don't care for the music of either one (especially after countless hours of having to listen to it at Rainbow, since 95.5 the Beat has a playlist of like, 20 songs they loop over and over and OVER and over and OVER...) -

But if you watch/read the news at all, and haven't been under a rock for the past several days, you'd know that Chris Brown got arrested right before the Grammys for allegedly beating the shit out of Rihanna, biting her, assaulting her with a 'deadly weapon', etc. (PS - for those of you as retarded to the R&B world as me, the duo are 19 and 20 years old and have been dating for like a year. They're like Barbie and Ken for the pop world). I am assuming all of these allegations are at least partly true, since it's been in the news now for a week and more details seem to emerge every day. Nobody has come out and denied the accusations, so I'm led to believe that he did indeed abuse her in some form or fashion.

There have even been reports that it isn't the first time this kid has beaten up his girlfriend.

What disturbed me the most at first was how a 19 year old millionaire (the idiot from the Doublemint commercials, no less) would have any cause/reason/desire to beat the crap out of his girlfriend, IN PUBLIC, hours before going to the Grammys to perform? What kind of real problems can a 19 year old have? And one that is so rich he'll probably never have to work again (which is lucky, because he probably WON'T, at least for a while)...

It was pointed out to me by a friend that money doesn't buy happiness and success doesn't necessarily constitute good behavior, and that's true. I still can't help but wonder though - what could he possibly have reason to be so angry about?

Then I hear the rumors that are swirling around on some of the less-than-savory gossip sites. The most disgusting one is that Rihanna had an affair with Jay-Z (husband of uber diva Beyonce), contracted Herpes, and then gave it to Chris Brown. He found out the night of the Grammys and was so incensed that he beat the shit out of her.


MTV has even gone so far as to publish posts from their comments section from various teenagers (a shocking many of them are teenage girls), giving their two cents on the situation. If you can muddle through all the misspellings and teXtsp3aK, you'll see that most, especially the girls, blame Rihanna. 'She deserved it - he's a nice guy who would never hurt anybody, and if she gave him herpes, she deserves to get punished', seems to be the general consensus. Nevermind that it's an unfounded rumor.

It amazes me how, in this day and age, we still demonize women and justify men's ill behavior. Look at this, folks. He beat the crap out of his girlfriend, bit her, left her stranded on the side of the road bleeding and needing assistance! And all we can do is speculate on what she did to 'deserve' it.

How, after all this time, can we still feed the fires of ignorance? She did nothing to deserve such treatment. How can we even speculate that she did? Let's say for a minute that the retarded rumors are true, that Rihanna fucked Jay-Z and got the herps, and passed it onto Doublemint brat Chris Brown. So he got Herpes. Take a dose of Valtrex, you can afford it. Since when is that cause enough to beat the living shit out of somebody, to the point of getting charged with a felony?

More emerging details inform us that Chris Brown himself is from an abusive household. I hardly think this is anything he can hide behind, considering he gave an interview a little over a year ago, claiming to be furious at the abuse he witnessed his own Mother suffer. If he had the insight to think back on what he saw and felt back then, you'd think he'd have the same insight to not beat his girlfriend with his fists, right? I am a firm believer that past experiences can shape who you are today, and it's true that children with traumatic childhoods can often grow up to be sociopaths and/or deviants in some way - SOME of the time. Not ALL of the time. Not to mention the fact that Chris Brown is well, famous - he's a teenage pop star and a role model and should be held to a higher standard than most average, run of the mill citizens. You can't hide behind your childhood, dude. You made your bed, now you have to wallow in it.

I'm surprised - with as much as you see Rihanna on TV and in magazines, etc, she's been gearing up for some time now to be the next, well, Beyonce. She's everybody's little darling, right? As far as I could tell, as of last week she was about 10 times more popular and successful than Chris Brown, even. And yet, the moment something bad happens to her, the media all rush to figure out what SHE did wrong, choosing to give her fist-happy, less-talented twit of a boyfriend the benefit of the doubt instead.

Like I said, what.the.fuck.

Not to mention T.I., the ATL rapper who is going to jail in like five minutes for felonies of his own, giving interviews talking about how Chris Brown is 'a cool guy and only human'. I bet Rihanna regrets recording that big hit 'Live Your Life' with him now and making him all that money.

Forget therapy. I think Chris Brown needs a bitch slap, stat.

(this article was originally posted on MySpace and edited for blogger)

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