Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome Welcome!

To my friends I'm known as Teeray, and you've stumbled upon my blog.

Originally this started out as my simple musings on a site some of you may've heard of called MySpace. After a couple of suggestions I decided to make the blog a little more public. I have a lot to say, and oftentimes on MySpace it seems like I'm just talking to myself.

My blog will deal with some everyday things regarding my life, friends, family etc, which I truly hope you won't find inherently boring. Mainly though, the blog will focus on issues and topics that are important to me, such as political issues, women's rights, children's and animal rights, books, films, and music, as well as the occasional hilarious anecdote. I feel it necessary to warn you that I am also no stranger to ranting like a crazy person. I welcome comments, suggestions, and writings and rants of your own in my comments. I may even, from time to time, welcome friends and acquaintances to post a blog or two with me to share their own views. I love a good debate!

A little about me:
I'm 27 years old and live in Georgia. I'm married and expecting my first child. As of starting this blog, I am 4 months pregnant and just getting over the morning-noon-and-night-barfs. I am a freelance writer and genealogist who also works a crappy job in retail to help pay the bills. In the past I've been a legal secretary, personal assistant, office manager and serial complainer. I have a degree in Religious Studies with a minor in English, which I obtained while I lived in New Zealand (from 2002 to 2005).

The rest you shall find out as we go along!

I've picked and chosen the choicest blogs from my past writings to begin with - these were originally 'published' before this date, so if you're one of my old MySpace buddies, you may recognize some of them. I hope you will continue to comment and speak your piece as you did before. I love all your comments and I love all of you! Please stumble and buzz me and give me some love, folks!


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