Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So much to occupy the mind -
It's a cacophany, a litany,
things to remember, things to forget.
We transition with ease from person to person,
tree to tree
from you to me -

I find a common denominator

throwing waste
and passing judgement.

Your opinion, so holy, so rolling
cresting, falling, with each rising breath,
we base our lives, a day to day routine -
on telling you what's wrong with me.

Slick back, jet black,
ash and circumstance,
always pulling through, on charm alone
too intimidating, too mundane, too quizical
to offer substance,
but charm alone
the benefactor.

One day gone past
you walked upright
your shoots and leaves
brighter than the rest,

I will never stoop
to levels of disgrace
I see with open eyes
my faults, my greats alike,
those categories, traits

to bring us close together
instead of seperating
oil and water.

They will never embarrass me.
They are welcome any time,
any place
and those who find them off-putting
- they are the disgrace.

Some far-off constellation
some concept alien and frigid
that perception is only third the battle
and one day our eyes fail,
where shall you be?

Evolving slowly
tree to tree

A warming feeling, numbing to the core
The very muscles of our brain.
Ridiculed and sore.
I thought I knew you
but I didn't know your mind
who is before, who behind

You stand agape
Demonstrating your personal resemblance
to the ape.

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