Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Very Green

Pages upon pages!

I can never say -

Tonight's feature: A magic show. A chrysalis.

- lying in darkness, we're dimly lit fireflies. Our wings our auras, pale color giving away to deepness, feathering in the dark, cool air. Fumbling, finding balance. The tips of these wings defenseless against the thickening tension -

A bird in a cage. Flap, fly. Hysterically by.

I can't just be...

- lying here; with you. My eyes are wide open. Staring at a latitude somewhere past your shoulder. You, above me, enamoured, dedicated. Drunk on some feeling I am not privy to, you smile, wistfully, reminding me of past things I had buried. Deep earth, musk, the cool blackness my friend should I choose to embrace it. A faint sheen of sweat glosses you; sweet. My eyes cannot shift - they're stuck. I stare, I stare, straight ahead, past the point of which I should be focused. Past the point of no return. Fixated, deadened, I stare.

So wide, my eyes, a constant state of learning. I have found myself in this place. I have found myself a fledgling. No amount of knowing will make me any less green.

...I am a gardener, cutting off stalks at the root. A petal, a sweet fragrance, lost in some time and space. Deadened leaves, hardened, pollenated, brought back again like Elijah of the fields, brought back again to fly amongst the nesting.

I'm so green - and I can't stop staring.

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