Wednesday, July 22, 2009


triumphing slowly
my consciousness awakening
to a missing;
a leathery, paper thin feeling
a wanting

the salt and pepper air
the gale
the spray, the sea-slow island time

the wind my gravity

I no longer feel sand in my shoes
as I walk - the pressure pull
the tepid sky
I no longer feel secretive, sly
I no longer have a calling-card by which to breathe
I no longer close my eyes
when I lie

the air cryptic and pressing
the looming stresses of our digestive systems
the media-frantic tipsy torvy gangfuck of a

I miss shells, I miss green rolling hills
I miss legalities and honest moralities
I miss finding beauty in a big nose,
sex in a slang
interest in a voice.

I miss unique-ity.

Would I to land
on yours today
I would bend on knee
and kiss your earth

a torrent of tropicality

the kind of nonsense you could appreciate

with a word like zed
you could build empires

empires of laid-back stepped-back
unassuming true representations
of humanity
fuck commerciality
fuck conventionality
competition belongs in a stadium
and love is in our homes

we are all judged equally,
but not at all.

Your speck of earth
your brood
stand tall

I miss the squeak and squawk
of 'fush and chups'
the molly mawk
I miss the kowhai, the koru,
the L&P
the useless abundance of

I miss a time and place
unspoiled by western practicality

you'll forever belong to me.

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