Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sad Ode to a Friend

Shoot em up
slice it leftwise, rightways
Amongst the days, so long and full of acrid breath,
the people shout, they mill about, you walk with
uncertainty, faked carefully without a smile.

The rage boils just below the surface,
the grass grows, an afront to the earth, the nameless face
you walk amongst us, you walk slowly -
so we have to slow down,
to catch up
with you. You talk in a low voice, so quiet even the crickets can't hear
For silence and mystery makes it seem you have something to say
when you do not.

The endless mindless drone of it -
the poor me sad me help me help me
hurt me
(you want us to hurt you)

A real woman would disgust at the sight
of you
clinging to patriarchy
clinging to the vines of trees you can't identify -
chemically altered, forever bartered
your ass for a smile
your life for a while...

Abuse is key, it defines us
to be in a group. To be selected with a label stuck on -
the glue can't ever rub off;
so you belong, you're singing some song,
albeit sad,
so sad you are.
At least you have a claim to fame.
At least you have a name.

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